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Please Mum is a retailer of children’s clothing that caters to boys and girls ranging in age from 0-12 years. They have retail locations across Canada, as well as a user-friendly website that offers free shipping on orders over $50. They separate their age ranges of kids clothing into the following groups:

Please Mum changes their product line to clothing of the appropriate season, and frequently has sales on last season’s items. Can you find great deals on children’s clothing at Please Mum? Absolutely! You can be instantly alerted when Please Mum has a great sale. When you sign up for their e-newsletter, they will automatically send you updates on new products, contests and sales.

Pleasemum: What makes it different?

Please Mum is a Canadian retailer that is based out of Vancouver, Canada. Their goal is to make high-quality, trendy clothing that is affordable and low maintenance. Here are some features of Please Mum that make them stand out from other kids’ clothing retailers.

  • Contemporary Fashion Trends

Please Mum adapts the latest styles into kid-appropriate wear that is colorful and diverse. Kids are able to express themselves with a variety of styles, and Moms can choose adorable outfits for their babies.

  • Double Trouble Knees

Are your kids constantly wearing out the knees of their pants? The knees of the pants at Please Mum are extra durable to ensure they won’t be worn away before your child outgrows them. Let your kids play as hard as they want without the worry of damaging their clothes.

  • Tummy Tested Waistbands

Kids are always on the move, and shouldn’t feel restricted by their clothing. Comfortable waistbands allow bending, twisting and playing without any discomfort.

  • Grow-roll Cuffs

Change the length of your child’s pants as they grow. Roll the cuff up or down to get the most use out of this durable clothing.

  • Charitable Donation

Please Mum donates a portion of its profits to World Vision. You can feel good knowing your purchases have helped a worthy cause. Over $500,000 has been donated to developing countries in Africa.

Pleasemum vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Pleasemum)

There are three other major retailers of children’s clothing that exclusively sell clothing:

Here are some key differences between Please Mum and its three major competitors.

  • Sizing Charts

Please Mum offers a comprehensive sizing on each product page that allows you to measure your child for hat size, shoe size, sock size, and length and weight for clothing. This is a unique and convenient feature that differs from the generic sizing charts of the other retailers.

  • Shipping

Free shipping on orders over $50 is available to Canadian Please Mum customers only. Shipping is $6.95 to U.S. cities, and a $5.00 flat rate to Canadian cities.

Gymboree offers a $5.00 flat rate to U.S. customers and shipping starts at $10.00 for Canadian customers and quickly increases with purchase size.

Carter’s offer $6.00 flat rate shipping for U.S. customers, and does not deliver outside the U.S.

The Children’s Place shipping ranges from $5-$25 for U.S. cities, and $8-$45 for Canadian cities

  • Customer Reviews on Each Product

Children’s Place and Carter’s have a section on the page of each product they sell for customer’s to leave their comments on that particular product. Please Mum and Gymboree do not have this feature on their websites.

These four different retailers all exclusively sell children’s clothing to the same age range of children. Please Mum has a very easy to navigate website that seems more user friendly than its competitors. For Canadian customers, Please Mum clearly beats out its competitors on shipping costs and is competitive with shipping costs to the U.S.

Pleasemum: Pricing & packages

One of the goals of Please Mum is to provide parents with quality, stylish and affordable clothing. Their pricing is very competitive, and the quality of the garments does not suffer.

Let’s compare a must-have garment for all new Moms from these four major retailers. A footed sleeper is a part of every new baby’s wardrobe. Here is a comparison of a footed sleeper for a newborn baby boy.

Each of these footed sleepers is essentially the same garment. They may vary in color or pattern, but they serve the same purpose. Please Mum is significantly less expensive and when shipping costs are factored in, the price difference increases.

Pleasemum: Product images & screenshots
Pleasemum Coupons
Get Get Free Shipping on orders over $50 @ Pleasemum
Pleasemum: Customer reviews & comments

The general feedback of customers who have shopped at store locations and online is positive. There are many consumers who remark on the quality of the clothing, and the frequency of the fantastic sales. Here are some quotes from real customers:

January 28, 2010

"I may not have children of my own, but I know a good children's clothing store when I see one! I couldn't help but have a look around Please Mum, and I immediately noticed great pricing, an impressive selection oh, and an INSANE clearance sale!"

December 06, 2008

"I love the clothes line at Please Mum. They are very fashionable which you don't often find at other stores. The prices are great as well."

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